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02 May 2014


The weather was fine, the mood and settings? Flawless. Nazri and Eershan were now officially husband and wife, and by the look of it, you can tell the joy they had on their big day are immeasurable. The solemnization took place at a local Surau a stone throw away from the actual wedding venue. To sum up, the interior of the Surau is well decorated, and adds to the mood of the ceremony.

Families and friends gathered in that glorious day, wishing them a happy life ahead and so on. The wedding dress was majestic, hand crafted by Indonesian fine tailor. It suits Eershan perfectly well. Their ceremony is filled with rich customs and culture, All in all it was good to see a well preserved Malay wedding culture.

The arrival of the bridegroom was grand, with flower girls throwing rose petals to them, and the atmosphere back then was perfect. So perfect that we felt it is too natural while clicking the shutter button of the camera.


Eershan is an avid equine lover, and since she's a veterinary student, access to the horse stable was easy. And we went to Putrajaya Equine Turf to do some outdoor photoshoot session with their horse of choice. 

It was a pleasure to be able to work for them. We wish you, barakallah!

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