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We recommend our clients to go for Premium package, the best we have to offer, and is available for RM2120 only for a three (3) event wedding ceremony. This includes a custom album with 60 pages of size 10 inches by 15 inches or 13 inches by 13 inches. The front and back will be covered in acrylic glass and leather, while the inner page is laminated with superb matte finish. The included album box is a perfect compliment to protect and store your album, and a softcopy will be handed off containing all the images in a form of a DVD or a pendrive. We will also keep a backup of your images for 2 years, in case your copy is lost. And this is a unique offering inclusive within our Premium package.

Our wedding package is determined by the type of album and add-ons you choose (see our product list for more info). You can also opt for shoot and burn only. Usually we advise our client based on the album that suits their need. We define one (1) event as a particular event in a wedding ceremony. For example, a solemnization is considered as one, a reception as another one, and an outdoor photography session as one. So you can have three (3) events in a single day. As you can see, our pricing are determined by the number of events (it's the working time to be exact) that you want us to cover. Mileage also plays an important role in the pricing. We hope that this helps to explain the price for our wedding package. For other budget friendly package, we insist on contacting us via :

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