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30 May 2014


Since the very beginning we are a loyal and avid user of Sony (previously known as Minolta) camera and lenses lineups. But along the way technology seems to improve so much that we are now unable to follow it's pace.

As of 2014, Spring promised us a new breed of professional camera that will change the way we see a professional camera should look like. And so we made the move to purchase a Sony A7. It is a fullframe camera with an excellent image quality, comparable and even beaten some bulky DSLR rivals, but with a rare exception, and that exception is it's strength. It is small, so small that you thought it is just another crappy point-and-shoot camera that hipsters would love to have.

Mixed reactions are seen with my clients and their relatives on the big day, who are lucky enough to see it in action. Some of them thought I'm just another relative who happens to shoot the whole day event, and some are aware that I'm using a sub 5k worth of equipment, and some just don't care. But the biggest advantage that I'm making this camera a keeper is the small form factor, which contributes significantly in reducing fatigue due to lugging around big DSLRs and lenses.

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