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05 December 2014


We love, love, love weddings, families and children. Yes, we are romantic softies through and through. We believe in preserving memories so that in years to come, you can look back and remember your stories from years gone by. We are based in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and sometimes we resided at Johor Bahru, Malaysia for some time off. But hey, will travel internationally for assignments.

For your information, we've left our blog idle way too long and it needs the much awaited restart. Safe to say that this blog is old, 4 years old to be exact. We left it since Facebook dominated the market recently, so we thought it was best to go with the mainstream flow. Hence, old stuffs has to go. We'll be reposting our previous works from time to time, but it'll take some times to refurnished everything. Thank you for your time.

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